We've got the hang of it.

And you are the ones who benefit.

You can look forward to valuable rotationally moulded plastic parts which we produce for you with meticulous care. Delve into our range of services, illustrated for you on the following pages, and discover those values that characterise our company. Have fun finding out all about who we are – you'll find it an exciting experience that will give you an insight into our business.

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Rotomoulding is a cost-efficient method for medium and small production lines in particular and creates complex geometries for plastic parts as well as basic ones. The parts are manufactured by filling a steel or aluminium mould made up of two or more parts with raw material in powder form. The raw material is heated, then it melts and settles visibly on the sides of the mould – and the wall thickness of the plastic part is built up layer by layer as a result. After controlled cooling, the finished product is removed.

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modern five-axis CNC milling centre


With the help of our modern five-axis CNC milling centre we are able to guarantee uncompromising high-precision results. The technologies used even meet the requirements of more complex geometries and contours and function extremely time-efficiently, as parts do not need to be repositioned and setup times are minimised. You can expect perfect programming and high-precision control of the technologies used in the hands of our experts, coupled with a consistently high level of manufacturing quality.

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Manual Component Fitting

You can feel confident placing your plastic parts (from tanks right through to containers), which were not originally manufactured by us, in the hands of our experienced employees. In well-developed manual processing steps, during which the piece is first trimmed, sawn, or welded to size, it begins to take on the desired shape, crafted with the utmost degree of precision.

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